Wait For it

Field of Flowers

My husband and I take our daughter on walks most evenings.

On our walks, we typically take a route that allows us to walk by this big open field near our neighborhood, where the owners mostly let the grass grow wild.
They mow it periodically, but the mows are few and far between because this field grows the most amazing Texas wildflowers.

Towards the end of February after the last cold hurrah of Texas winter, we walk past and the field glitters with Pink Evening Primroses.

Between March and April, those typically subside and make room for the beautiful budding Bluebonnets that everyone loves— until the heat from the emerging summer sun chases them away.
Then from May to around late July the Texas Firewheels with their fiery centers and their yellow crowns illuminate the field to match the mid-summer skies.

And finally, finally, the Wild Sunflowers that have waited their turn all year eagerly jump up in early August and bloom through the start of fall.

The thing we love about this field is the fact that it’s not just a field of Bluebonnets all year long. Different flowers bloom in different seasons and every flower gets its own few months in the limelight. As the months’ pass, they patiently wait for their time.

This year, I guess because of the milder spring, the Bluebonnets lingered, and it seemed like they would be there all summer, and the Firewheels would never get their turn, but we waited patiently and sure enough, this weekend we walked past the field and there were the Firewheels, blooming brilliantly.
Just because the Bluebonnets sprung up before them, even in the exact same field, didn’t mean their time in the sun wouldn’t come.

I picked just one flower for my baby girl because I know there is a lesson there that she might need one day. I’m sharing because maybe all of us need it too.

YourSeasonIsComing #WaitForIt

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