Welcome to my site!  I’ll tell you a little bit about why I decided to start this blog.  First of all, the easy part.  I like to write, so that makes me infinitely more inclined to actually want to write. In fact, I really like it. The second reason is that Sunday has always been an important day in my life.  My Dad was a Pastor, so for as far back as I can remember, Sunday morning meant church.  It was not an option (Well maybe that one time after my senior prom), but other than that, we were going to church.  It never bothered me, because it was something that we always did,  and I knew that we generally did something fun or relaxing afterward with the family. The most significant and memorable Sundays always revolved around lunch or dinner after church.

My dad passed away over 10 years ago, but the memories of Sundays after church are still special me.   There was usually a solid amount of family and friends who gathered together for dinner at our house, or at a local restaurant directly after service. These meals were lively and full. Grand discussions of the sermon, God, and family were commonplace. I gleaned knowledge and insight from the crumbs that fell from the table. From them, I grew physically, intellectually, and most importantly spiritually.

For a while, I wondered how other people spent their Sundays.  I wondered what it was like to stay in bed and get extra sleep.  Did they use those glorious extra hours to enjoy outdoor activities or shopping? During my time in college, I even stopped going to church for a while to live this alternate Sunday experience, but sleeping in and gliding through the day just left me feeling empty and missing the full Sunday experience that I had in my formative years.  I knew I needed sustenance.  I started attending church again and as my relationship with God grew, so did my desire to revitalize those Sunday after-church meals and that experience.  So that’s what I did and that’s what this blog sets out to chronicle.

Just as I grew up, my Sunday meals have grown too and taken a different look.  Oftentimes, those meals take the form of brunch at a local restaurant right after church. And occasionally, they take an even more historical turn and look like a fully cooked-all day in the kitchen- meal.  The outcome, however, is still the same.  It’s a shared meal with a beloved friend or group of friends with conversations and perspectives about the sermon, life, and family.  We grow spiritually as we both break bread and discuss the bread of life. And of course just like my family tradition, now continued, they are both lively and full. I started working on my Master of Divinity in a Seminary last year and have revamped this blog a bit. So in addition to what I’ve previously written, you will see more about my experience there. Either way,

Hope you enjoy your time here.